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Beck to childhood?

Beck to childhood?

We prepare some products for those who keep the child's heart this time. 

B.o.B Duckie keycap

Inspired by the famous rubber duck, B.o.B creates Duckie keycap. Except of the original yellow duckie, he also brings blue, green, pink and black, moreover, transparent for lighting through. 

Group Buy is closed on 24th August 2018 (EST TIME)


Unicorn two-sided printed mousepad

Unicorn, another typical figure, is full of our childhood. If you have the memory of Unicorn, you shouldn't miss this group buy, taking one for your desk.

The mousepad is 900*400 mm. The thickness is 3mm. 

Group buy is closed on 23rd August (EST Time).


 Baby Dream Keycap set

The new keycap set, we name it as Baby Dream. It is PBT cherry profile with dye-sub tech. 

It contains a nursing bottle and baby cloth novelty. 


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