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The keycap set makes you looks like a scholar

The keycap set makes you looks like a scholar

Have you ever thought you were knowledgeable as you had a keyboard with the ancient letters?

How about Babylonian or Sumerian? Is it attractive to you?

Gorge is always interested in history. So he communicates with the factory to have Cuneiform keycaps.

Same with our other 139-key Cherry profile keycap sets, Cuneiform is made from PBT plastic, including convex spacebars (3u, 6.25u and 7u). 

Simple but special one, isn't it?


 As you know, Gorge is a manga fan as well. Gundam is one of his favourite series. Finally, he gets one of his favourite Gumdams coming to the market. 3D printing Strike Gundam keycap.



Do you remember we have a group buy for a 3D keycap called Reactor? Now we have upgraded one in stock. However, it is a normal sale for this time.


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