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Welcome to LEO month. We have these new items for you.

Welcome to LEO month. We have these new items for you.

Summer is nearly ending. At the end of Summer, we come into the month of LEO. 

The following are some new items we bring for you.

Lion King Titanium Keycap by B.o.B

Talented B.o.B first time tries to make keycaps with titanium. He gives the keycap four colours. 

The Group Buy will end on the 16th of August (EST time). Since it uses the titanium technique, we will ship the keycap in November. 

As usual, the group buy has no MOQ and has free shipping service.


Spliet 50% keyboard

We are excited to bring SP50 in stock. It is a split 50% keyboard.

Here is its spec

1\up tp 60 keys
2\Supports offline brush app(Bface)
3\Fully programma PCB
4\RGB bottom underglow led(Total 8 Leds)
5\Standard ICSP interface
6 \All components of the board have been pre-soldered so the PCB is ready for key switches and LEDs
7\MIni USB Supported



Cat Paw Keycaps 

Inspired by my little cat. Gorge works with the designer to bring the cat paw keycaps in stock. 

Cut, aren't they?

Cat Paw 1u R4 

Cat Paw Enter

Cat Paw ISO Enter

Cat Paw Backspace



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