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What is the shipping time?

Standard Shipment

Standard shipping generally takes 2 weeks to being delivered, according to recent customer feedback. If you want to have more accurate esitmated shipping date, please join our discord server and ask members for their experience.

NOTE: The Standard shipping time is the general estimated shipping time. Since the dynamic of the pandemic, we cannot offer a proper shipping time. With the feedback from customers, you could expect the parcel arrives ahead of the estiamted shipping time. Moreover, please feel free to join KPrepublic discord server to ask members for shipping time experience.

Expedited Shipment

By default, we use FedEx for most expedited orders.

Normally, the expedited shipping takes around 7 days. Please take notes that the shipping time is an estimated time not proper shipping time. For now, NONE of delivery companies offers their shipping time guarantee service.

📣If your order is over 100 USD, we highly recommend to purchase the expedited shipping. It is safer and guaranteed.

Still not received?

Since the COVID-19, the longest shipping time we encounter is over 140 days with free shipping. If you don't receive the parcel after 140 days, please feel free to contact us for a solution (refund or reshipment). NOTE - the 140-day starter is from the day you have the tracking info, NOT from the day when you place the order.

Here are some issue samples that may be helpful to understand your shipping info.

📢NOTE: As the shipping time is general estimated based on overall data, if you want to know more accurate estimated shipping time, please feel free join our Discord server and ask in specific area channel for members' shipping experience.

How do I purchase Expedited shipping (fast shipping)?

When you check out, you will have the option for standard shipping or expedited shipping.
Expedited shipping (fast shipping) starts from 32 USD, please try to contact us with your order number when you paid. Because we need to calculate if you need to pay extra shipping or not. Thank you for your understanding. will ship its expedited shipping orders via FedEx by default (Extra shipping fee required if the shipping address is the remote area). If you want to use other couriers for the expedited shipping, please leave notes at checkout. Meanwhile, try to contact us to calculate the shipping fee.

An item that contains battery will ship with DHL by default when you purchase the expedited shipping. Like GK61XS , GK64XS, GK73s, etc.


Why does My tracking number not work when I get it?

Because of the effect of COVID-19, our warehouse may pack slower than the usual.

The fulfillment process would be:
- you will get your tracking number around 3 business days. From the day when you get your tracking number on, you are able to track your order no less than 10 days in that there is a backlog of orders in the warehouse waiting for packing.

Sorry for such inconvenience. We are trying our best to pace up the packing process.

Thank you for your understanding.

Why do I get an out-of-stock notification when I get my tracking number?

Our process is

- to fulfil the order with tracking number, then to transfer the order to the warehouse for packing (that's why customers get out-of-stock notification after they receive tracking numbers). After that, the packed order goes to the delivery agency for final check. Then the tracking number is activated.

Therefore, we write a note on the tracking page that you could get the tracking info within 3 or 4 days after receiving the tracking number. Well, under the current situation, the time is going to be longer than the usual. It would be around 5 days that the tracking number will be activated.

Why do I get the tracking info that my parcel is returned?

If you get the info that your parcel is returned when you track your order, it is normal. It means the parcel is rejected by the security check when it arrives at the airport. No worries at all. It doesn't mean the parcel has issue, it is just bad luck that there are some unqualified parcels in the same container so that the parcel is rejected as well. Normally, China Post will attempt to reship. After several attempts failed, China Post will returned to us. When we receive the parcel, we will reship you as soon as possible.

📣 Please note that - the shipping time would be recounted if you have returned issue.

please check shipment samples getting to know how to interpret the tracking info.


Do I need to pay customs or import duties?

Yes. It depends on your local customs policy. You are responsible for paying customs or import duties that your country may assign to you.

NOTE: If the parcel is returned or transferred to the local over-good facility because of the unpaid import duties, KPrepublic won't take responsiblity for the parcel. We may not give the refund for such reason.

Do I need to pay VAT if I am from Europe?

To Europe, if you use standard shipping method, will cover the VAT, but not cover the customs.

If you use Expedited shipping, you will need to pay the VAT and customs.

Order issue

How do I require for an order cancellation?

It happens when we purchase online. We are completely understand.
Please leave mesasges via Live Chat or Messanger or discord with your order number and tell us you want to cancel the order. We will refund to you as soon as possible.

📣ATTENTION: if you pay via LianlianPay credit card payment platform, you need to pay 1 USD service fee to us. It is required by LianlianPay platform. The fee is charged to us by LianlianPay. Therefore, you pay 1USD to us, we give you a full refund. Thank you for your understanding. use this link to pay the service fee. Please pay the refund service fee with PayPal. Much appreciated.

If you already had the tracking number, we will check the status of the order first. If the the order already left our warehouse, we cannot cancel the order anymore.

How do I require for a replacement when I receive the defective item or missing item?

Please share with us your order number and photos or videos about your issue.

The photo should contains the item you received and the shipping label. They are required to be in one photo. The Photo is better to be HD photo.

Please attention:


2. photos of the items you received - REQUIRED✅

3. shipping label - better to have (if you don't have the shipping label, a video instead of photo is REQUIRED)

4. If your item(s) has cracked issue or missing issue, please share photos of items you received ( the photo should include all the items, package box, shipping label (waybill)) - REQUIRED✅

MUST-know before buying

Groupbuy & Pre-order will conduct group buys (GB) frequently.
Payment can ONLY accept PayPal payment for Group buy. If you ordered via credit card directly (LianlianPay), your order would be cancelled and refund. Moreover, you need to pay 1 USD refund service fee.

The order cannot be cancelled when the groupbuy is closed.


Please pay attention that if you place GB item and non-GB items in one order, the order will be shipped when GB item is ready by default.

Here are situations you may have:
- when you place GB item and non-GB item in one order, You could leave a note at checkout that you want us ship the non-GB items from the order first. Then we will ship the non-GB item(s) first.

- If you purchase Expedited shipping for the order which contains GB and Non-GB items, and want us to ship the non-GB items first, please tell us that you want to use the expedited shipping for GB item or Non-GB item(s). The expedited shipping can only for one shipment. It means that you have to pay TWO expedited shipping for split the order.


- To Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. We ship to Taiwan with FedEx by default. NOTE: The battery Item CANNOT be shipped to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan with SF-Express and FedEx

- To Norway. The TAX ID or Customs ID is required by the shipping channel. If you choose the standard shipping, you need to share this info with us so that we could make shipping label for you.

- To Brazil, the personal customs number or CPF is required for both free shipping and Expedited shipping. Please leave it at checkout.

- To Argentina and Chile, the personal customs number is required. Please leave it at checkout.

- To India, the order value under $50 is shipped with free standard shipping.

The order value is over $50, it can only be shipped with FedEx . However, the customer MUST confirm he/she can deal with the customs clearance by himself or herself, and be aware of that if the parcel is failed to deliver by the reason of customs clearance, we won't refund.

- All shipping information should be in English generally. If it requires the info in your language, we will email you.

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