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Special Gift for you

Special Gift for you

Fortunately, we will reopen the project. we have more masks coming in. 
The project is over now. 

Hope you keep safe and stay healthy.

Recently, we receive some feedback that the special gift code not applied. 
We fixed.
By default, the system tells you the Hardtimes code not applied to the order if your order does not reach 35 USD.
If your order reaches 20 USD and add 3 pieces of the 3 masks option into your cart, please input Peace$Love in the discount code field and click apply. 
We update how to get the special gift. 
We create an option for the 2 requirements 
If you want to have the mask and your order reach the requirement, just jump to the special gift page (, and choose the option, add 3 when you choose the 3 masks option; add 5 when you choose 5 masks option.
The code will be applied automatically if your order reach the requirements.
Thank you and be safe!



Do the wise thing and the kind thing too,

and make the best of us and not the worst.

Time flies. It's been passed the first quarter of 2020. The world is still in the could of COVID-19. We sincerely hope you will be good and safe during the pandemic. 
Enjoy your quarantine days. Meanwhile, keep safe. 
From now on, KPrepublic prepares about 10,000 pieces of medical masks for our customers.
We set tow options
  • The order reaches 20 USD, 3 pieces of masks will be shipped with your order. 
  • The order reaches 35 USD, 5 pieces of masks will be applied.
This is available ONCE for per account.
How to get 
If you really need the masks, please add Special Gift into your cart with your orders , then the code will be applied automatically.
  • Order reaches 20 USD, add 3 special gifts into your cart
  • Order reaches 35 SUD, add 5 special gifts into your cart.


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