Coming soon! Durgod Taurus Aurora K310/K320 with Dual Lighting System

Coming soon! Durgod Taurus Aurora K310/K320 with Dual Lighting System

Durgod Taurus series is a successful line for Durgod mechanical keyboard, is treated as a good 'budget' recommendation. 

Unfortunately, the old Taurus series doesn't have LED lighting, which is a bit not fancy for those who like lighting. 

Now, Durgod upgrades its Taurus series with a lighting system. However, Durgod doesn't use the general single colour or RGB lighting system. They developed their own lighting system -- dual lighting system

Then, Durgod Taurus Aurora is here!

In general, Durgod does not change much. The Cherry MX switch is equipped, including Red, Black, Blue, Brown and Silver. For Aurora, only grey plastic case is available. But it looks more high quality than the old Taurus. They use black for all keycaps instead of grey and blue keycaps. 

Aurora's keycap is made by PBT with double-shot technology


The Dual Lighting System

The dual lighting system is the new feature of Durgod Taurus Aurora. There is Red/Blue version so far. By gradient, there are red, pink, purple and blue colour for its lit. 

With Durgod Zeus Engine, we are able to customise the colour and lighting effect, even program the Macro key.






Lighting Effect hotkeys

  • Fn+PrtSc: switch the lighting effect
  • Fn+ScrLk: Aurora Specterum mode option
  • Fn+Pause: Single colour mode option
  • Fn+Ins: Turn off lighting
  • Fn+Del: Turn on lighting
  • Fn+Up/down arrow: Adjust bright level
  • Fn+Left/right arrow: Adjust speed level
  • Fn+PgUp: Radar mode: Clockwise; adjust lighting direction under Wave mode; Ripple mode: Spread
  • Fn+PgDn: Radar mode: Counter clockwise; adjust lighting direction under Wave mode; Ripple mode: Gather



 Leave your comment and visit for ordering.

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