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Around $100? A well-performed keyboard with its powerful engine

Around $100? A well-performed keyboard with its powerful engine

Without any doubt, It is a new comer in the mechanical keyboard world, especially to the western. However, it have gotten a lot of good reviews from customers.

" I am very happy with this purchase. I could see this as a great "budget" recommendation. " ----  u/jaba1337

" Seriously highly recommend this keyboard(Durgod Taurus), good quality, good colour, good design and you can even customise it more to your liking and all in all great." ---- Hipster Pixel

"Cool because the overall quality of this would interest me vs. a Ducky / Filco / Leopold and the likes." ---- seebart

Durgod updates its Taurus line in the early of 2018. They add LED on Taurus, moreover, add dual lighting system. They name it Taurus Aurora.


Aurora generally keeps all of Taurus's feature, Cherry MX switches, PBT double-shot keycaps, simple but well-performed design, while the big and important change is the dual lighting system with 8 lighting modes, 10 bright levels and 65,536 driver modes.

The Zeus Engine

Aurora's dual lighting system is driven by Durgod's Zeus Engine. With the Engine, Durgod gets changing to programmable. To customise each keys performance, to customise illumination and to add Macro. Then you are able to create your setting profile with the Engine.

Don't be worry about the language. The Zeus Engine supports English now. You can change it at left corner of the Engine. 

Zeus Engine

Zeus engine

zeus engine

zeus engine

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