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NextTime X75 75% Gasket Mechanical Keyboard GJ keycaps kit PCB Hot Swappable Switch Lighting effects RGB with switch led type c Next Time 75

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NextTime X75 Keyboard kit + GJ Keycaps kit

Pls pay attention:  To avoid damaging PCB hot-swapping sockets, pls make sure your switch's pin is vertical, and you'd better not use used key switches with soldering tin.

Pls pay attention: X75 Gasket Kit only doesn't include keycaps. If you choose the Barebone edition, the Kit doesn't include any switch.
  • FN Combine Keys for RGB
  • FN+Del = Turn on/off Switch LEDs
  • FN+Right Arrow Key\PgUp\PgDn = Change Switch LED Modes
  • FN+End = Control Side LEDs.
  • FN+- or+=LED Speed

X75 Gasket HS Kit is a hot-swappable switches edition. HS means Hot Swapping.
Check KPrepublic Manu bar download tab to download the software for X75.