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[KPICPRE] Thumb Key x Domikey DEICIDE Dye sub Cherry profile Keycaps


Thumb Key X Domikey DEICIDE keycaps

Thumb Key is a new Chinese designer.

The new theme is related to Nordic Mythology. As for colour scheme, Thumb Key is inspired by the classic game God of War. Without doubts, the God of War is one of masterpieces of the Nordic mythology. 


In DEICIDE theme, Thumb Key designs there Alph kits with English and Rune letters. One is the English and Rune, one is the Rune and English and the other is the Runic English and Rune. 


NOVEL kit is still in process. The following is the idea of Thumb Key.

One of Novel kit is based on awl and Viking style weapons. 

One of Novel kit would be based on Vegvisir and combines the 9-world interpretation. 


The artisan would use the OMEGA symbol. It features the luminous resin with UV print.


  • PBT Dye sublimation
  • Cherry profile
  • Manufacturer Domiky

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