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[CLOSED][GB] GLOVE x DOMIKEY HX-20 Cherry Profile Keycaps doubleshot side print English japanese

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NOTE - Due to the difficult degree of manufacturing and other uncontrol factors, any GBs have risks. If the accident happened, please wait patiently. We will update the progress information in time. Thank you so much!


GLOVE X Domikey HX-20 Keycaps:

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GLOVE HX-20 Cherry Profile Keycaps

Inspired by EPSON's popular model HX-20 typewriter.  

As a designer and a lover of keyboards, GLOVE is keen on things that are interesting. Occasionally, GLOVE bought an EPSON HX-20 model.  He learns that this model is popular among the illustrator community. Then, he starts to destruct his HX-20 and creates the new keycap concept,

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  • Cherry profile 
  • ABS doubleshot and UV side-printing

GB closed on 16 December (PST)

Estimated Delivery April 2023

GLOVE HX-20 GB info on geekhack

NOTE: The red part in the LEDCAP and Artisan means the part is designed with light through feature. It doesn't mean it contains red colour. 


The following is all the items that GLOVE prepare for the HX-20 Set. 


As GLOVE intends to do a light design, the colour he chooses is light and retro.


In Novel kit, GLOVE grasps some classical and unique characters of HX-20. 

Print Technique

This time, GLOVE tries to add sider print letters in BASE and NOVEL kit with UV printing. 

Considering the classical HX-20 concept, the keycap profile is cherry profile.  Keycap will be ABS plastic with doubleshot and UV side printing. 

Moreover, GLOVE adds LED Keycap. The top of these keycaps are UV printing as well.

Associated theme Novelty

Working with ZMKC, GLVOE designs the associated theme novelty.

  • Material: Resin
  • Manufacturer: ZMKC
  • Include: ID card (the number is based on the order of placing orders), collection box, collection base

Associated theme Mousepad


  • SIZE: 900 x 400 x5 mm
  • Material: natural rubber, multispandex, stitched edge
  • Process: heat transfer printing

Gift with All in one kit

With All in one English or All in One Japanese kit, GLOVE puts a set of Special Novel as gift.

A preview of the design render 

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