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Gateron Robin Custom Switch 5pin RGB linear 62g 67g force mx clone switch 50m

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KP hand-lubed service

Check KP hand-lubed service if you want to lubricate the switch.

Robin Gateron Custom Switch

A collaboration between EVE and Gateron, the Robin custom mechanical switches are a linear treat to type on. Available in 62- and 67-gram weights, these switches take their name—and colourway—from the smooth teal tones of a robin’s egg. Rated for 50 million keystrokes, the switches come lubed from the factory for a smooth linear feel. They feature a 5-pin PCB-mounted construction and a gold-plated spring for durability.
  • Manufactured by Gateron
  • Linear
  • Custom colorway
  • Rated for 50 million keystrokes
  • 62 g actuation force = 67 g ( +/- 10 gf)
  • 67 g actuation force = 72 g (+/- 10 gf)
  • Stem: POM(pantone 7471 C)
  • Upper case: PC
  • Lower case: PA66 (pantone 7471 C)
  • Spring: Gold plating
  • Pin: 5 pin, PCB mount
Pls pay attention: Robin Switch only, not including other things.
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