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KPrepublic 618 Shopping week is coming

KPrepublic 618 Shopping week is coming

KPrepublic 618 Shopping Week is on!
We bring many good stuff for this shopping week.
See here
As usual, we set general discount codes.
  • Buy $100 get $5 off - code B100G5
  • Buy $150 get $15 off - code B150G15
  • Buy $200 get $30 off - code B200G30
Besides that, we set a new special lucky box for 618 shopping week. On the day of the 18th of June, you will get a lucky box (at value of $20) when your order reaches 61.8 USD (not include shipping fee). In the box, you have a chance to get a set of keycaps, a novelty or a discount code.
We also gives a discount for the new keyboards and best sell keyboards 
Smart Duck XS61 - 10% off 
Thunderobot KL30 - 10%off
YC66 - 10%
Womier 66 - 10% off
 We also prepare a big618sale for you, to visit here to get discount codes
Are you ready for updating your desk at the best price?
Let's jump in the shopping week now !
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