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GLOVE Suika WDA Profile keycaps you need to know

GLOVE Suika WDA Profile keycaps you need to know

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WDA Profile

GLOVE tries a new keycap profile for the Suika theme keycaps - WDA profile.

The height of WDA profile is a bit higher than Cherry profile. Moreover, WDA profile uses 6 rows, from R5 to R0.  Comparing with Cherry profile, each row of WDA profile has its own height.  Therefore, it provides more ergonomic layout. 


GLOVE tries a kind of new keycap printing technique.  It is named as heat-treated pad printing. Theoretically, it is pad printing and UV Coating. The process is similar to the process of Car baking printing. 

Honestly, it looks like dye sublimation keycap at the first look. But they are different printing technique. Comparing with dye-sub technique, the new printing technique avoids the legend position issue. The colour is more accurate than dye sublimation does.

Yes, the endurance of the colour is a life-long issue that we are hardly able to get rid of.  To enhance the life of keycap colours, it uses  UV coating after printing is finished. 

 The following are some real keycap sample photos so that you can have a general image of the colour and the design.

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