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Nextime which got popular by its keyboard NT75 has launched Linear mechanical keyboard switch named Bluetstar switches.I think this is first attempt of NT to enter the switch market, and looking at the switches it looks like a good shot, the name bluestar defines the switch appearance which is space blue and has glittering stars embedded into it.The housing being a dark shade highlights the tiny shiny particles which gives these switches a distinctive look.

If you a sucker for RGB, unfortunately the switches opaque and dark colour on the housing won't allow much light to pass through it.

Stem wobble : In terms of stem wobble there is very less wobble, comparing it to gateron mily yellow pro switches which has some wobble, I can say bluestars are much stable stem.If you look at the slider on the stem, it has different compared to milky yellows, I think this design adds to the stem stability when pressed.

Housing Fit : Like the stem bluestars have a good fitted housing which should not require any filming.

Pole length : Stem pole seems to have similar length as that of milky yellows, but i feel its slightly longer maybe 0.5 or 1 mm longer

Overall fell and experience : The bluestar switches feel stable and decently smooth, if you lube them you can get the best out of these switches as they don't come with factory lube.In stock state there is less to zero spring ping and produces a good smooth soundSpring weight of 60g is appropriate for me, I prefer 60g/62g over lighter spring weights.

Improvements I wish for : I wish these were 5 pin switches rather than 3 pin, making it compatible with most of the PCBs and also have some support for LEDs 

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