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[KPTRYOUT] Domikey Semiconductor Cherry profile Keycaps

[KPTRYOUT] Domikey Semiconductor Cherry profile Keycaps

Since Domikey releases its cherry profile keycaps,  Domikey gets more and more good feedback. 

Domikey keeps offering more colour schemes of its cherry profile kecyap line. 

Semiconductor is its fourth normal cherry profile keycaps.

As far as we know, Domikey will release BOW and Miami as well. As for the triple-shot alpha kit, the Russian and Korean alpha kit will be added as well in the future. You could expect.

For Semiconductor keycaps, you have the opportunity to win the 50%-off on All-in-one option. Read the post and comment to enter the Raffle.

Domikey x iNKY Silent Forest cherry profile keycaps groupbuy is ongoing. It will be ended at the end of August.

IC preview, DOMIKEY X GLOVE start a new project - LINK FIRE KEYSET. The IC stage plans to start in late August.

If you'd like to get more updates about new Domikey Cherry profile colour schemes and LINK FIRE progress, please feel free to join our discord to get the notification.

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