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[KPGB]Domikey X iNKY Silent Forest Cherry Profile keycaps and mousepad

[KPGB]Domikey X iNKY Silent Forest Cherry Profile keycaps and mousepad

When it comes to West Siberia, we think of the cold climate, vast forests and groups of wild animals.However, with the pursuit of industrial development, we have made use of too many natural gifts for granted.

Inky studio was inspired by this. They’re dedicated to appealing against nature damage with their design.Keyboard is becoming a piece of everyday-use equipment. iNKY decides to bring their design in keycaps so as to spread their concept.

Just like the green keycaps,the trees can be lush.

Just like the orange roots, the sunlight will pass through the trees.

Although the weather is cold, we can still look forward to the warm sun.


Join the Domikey X iNKY Silent Forest Group Buy NOW!

    • Group buy items only accept paypal payment
    • Group buy closed on 30th AUG (PST)
    • Estimated delivery in December

    IC preview - Domikey X GLOVE new project LINK FIRE is undergoing. KPrepublic will update its progress in its discord server. 

    If you want to follow the update of new Domikey Cherry profile colour schemes and LINK FIRE set progress, please feel free to join our discord.

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