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Because of the unique tactile feature, the Candy Blinding Lights Switch has drawn so much attention since the interest check stage.

Blinding Light tactile Switch

Two weeks ago, we released a tryout event and some of the participants already got the switches and put them into use.

Here we’d like to share a review from one of our discord members.

As what he said in his post, when we just press the switch, it has a weak resistance and he call it “the tiniest bit of pre-travel”.

Then we press it down, it’s rubbery feeling like chewing jelly and has a loud and high pitch, just like when we listen to the high voice of The Weekend, we can’t stop rocking with the music.

Also he said when you bottom out, the upstroke kicks back up. This is a small but surprising detail. When press it to the bottom, we can feel a rebound force. Glad that he noticed it!

Thanks switch.riiport for the sharing! So many details and we appreciate it!


From here on is the review

 - Switch Type: Tactile

 - Brand/Designer: Candy x @kprepublic 

 - Bottom Out Force: 62g (65g variants exists)

 - Top Housing: Translucent Pumpkin Orange

 - Bottom Housing: Translucent Pumpkin Orange

 - Stem: Opaque Red

 - Pre-Travel: 2.0 ± 0.5mm

 - Total Travel: 4.0 ± 0.3mm


Personal notes: (Opinion time!)

 - A switch based off of a song!

 - A little bit on the louder and higher pitch side.

 - Has juuuust the tiniest bit of pre-travel before the tactile bump starts.

 - The tactile bump does not seem to have that much of a bump character to it. It feels like it's all on the the downhill slope of a bump.

 - The downstroke feels like a trap door, and then there's a little cushion at the bottom when you bottom out.

 - The upstroke really kicks back up! At the same time it does not send reverberations through my finger.

 - The stem travel feels pretty smooth overall!


To view the original text, please click the link below

Candy Blinding Lights Switch- shared by switch.riiport


Tactile impression is very subtle and vary from person to person. We are so curious about different feelings from keyboard lovers. Hope you can share with us!

Join our discord and share your ideas with us!

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