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[KPEVENT] Win Opportunty for Customize Keycap at $3!

[KPEVENT] Win Opportunty for Customize Keycap at $3!

Like people who love sneakers will DIY their own shoes, people who love mechanical keyboards also long for their own keycaps.

With such feelings, we have designed several keycaps which are already on sale.

The popular pixel heart

The Anti-war sign

Do you want to have a unique keycap that only belongs to you?

Do you want to express your spirit and attitude through the keycap?

Don’t miss this!

KPrepublic is happy to offer a customization service.

We will choose 20 persons for the Customization service- a sculpture dip-dye keycap.

If you're interested in it, please click the link below and leave your comment to participate in the event.


[Vendor] KPrepublic Customize Keycaps at $3 only

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