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You get a message from iNKY Studio

You get a message from iNKY Studio

iNKY Studio's Silent ECO  series have already published tow themes - Silent Forest and Silent Sea. Both are popular among the community.  Now, iNKY Studio brings the 3rd of the Silent ECO series - Silent desert to the community.

iNKY publishes a long post about the story of Silent ECO series.

'Silent Ecology, named after Silent Spring. I believe many people have heard of this book on ecological protection even if they have never read it. In this book, marine biologist Rachel Carson described the damage of DDT pesticides to the ecological environment. Her theory advocated that it was the first time to challenge the long human history of reckless conquering of nature, which had become an important beginning of the awakening of environmental protection consciousness.

Nowadays, pesticides have faded out of the mainstream media for a long time, and they are not the most serious ecological hazard or the only source of ecological disaster. We hope that through our own works, we can reveal and remind that those ecological factors are constantly eroding the beautiful things on our planet.

From the quiet Siberian forest to the boundless ocean, from the vast Sahara desert to the magnificent Tibet Plateau, the four spatial location of the natural environments span the horizontal longitude and latitude and vertical elevation in the world.

First of all, the owners of the four territories are predators that at the top of their food chain. Their life and death can better highlight the importance of the environmental influence on survival than weak preys’. Felidae, canidae, delphinidae and falconidae, we select the most representative animals and try to cover more biological species. Then, lynx in the forest, killer whale in the sea, desert auricle fox and plateau saker falcon were brought to the theme. We focus on the appearance of life and death of the four animals, while adding factors that have a negative impact on the environment, telling the beauty and helplessness of the reality from both sides.

Secondly, color matching is undoubtedly derived from four geographical environments. In terms of color layout, forests and deserts focus on horizontal expansion, which corresponds to the sense of environmental domain of plane space. The alpha area and functional keys form two layers of color division inside and outside on board. The ocean and plateau tend to go vertically, corresponding to the depth and height of space, forming a color gradient in the up and down layout of the key-caps. Light saturation green is the Siberian forest covered with frost; pure blue is the endless ocean from shallow to deep. This time, the hazy sand color is the surface of the Sahara that baking and evaporating under the scorching sun.

Finally, back to the original intention of inky studio. We hope that our works can be like ink-marks on pages that recording the world around us. With our small power, to converge the space and time on the small desktop in front of you.

May you accompany us on our journey. Love & peace. A lot thanks to all our purchasers, let's meet again in the Silent Desert group-buy!'

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