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What would be happened when mouse meets the Joker?

What would be happened when mouse meets the Joker?


No one could reject Joker's invitation. 

People love him. He is the perfect supervillain in people's imagination. 

No super powers, no any incredible weapons.

He is more like a normal human being in some senses than Batman.

Today, he sends you an invitation which indicates he is interested in your desk.

Perhaps, it is a not-bad choice if we are taken control by Joker while gaming.


KPrepublic conducts Batman Joker Mousepad from now on.

  • Size: Black(900*400*4mm) / Purple(450*400*4mm)
  • GB End Time:1st May 24:00(PST Time)
  • Estimated shipping time: 15th May

Click here to have the key to the Joker's world


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