We have these items in stock when my teammates watched Van-sama's MAD.

We have these items in stock when my teammates watched Van-sama's MAD.

Recently, my teammates watched videos for inspiration. Then he found this


And then, we got those items in our store.

VAN♂SAMA's Classic Quote Keycap 

In fact, I don't really know the culture of 妖精哲学 (Yousei Philosophy, 哲学 in Chinese). So I don't figure out how the F-word makes Van get popular. When I asked my teammates about the word, they rolled their eyes at me. 

Then I understood, the word to those who believe in Yousei Philosophy like my teammates, the word may mean more than its original meaning. 

How about you? If you believe in the Philo♂sophy, the keycap is for you. 



Okay, Dark is on, how can Bill be dropped off? Bill is the 兄貴 !

However, Bill is not so popular as Van is among Chinese fans. I don't figure out why it comes out. Anyway, we should show our respect to the 兄貴. 


I thought we wouldn't bring any normal stuff in stock this week. Gorge gave me these items and said proudly, 'see, this is the power of Van-sama.' Anyway, here are some normal items you may like.

Taihao Sin City Keycaps


  • OEM profile
  • Cherry/similar clone switches
  • ABS Doubleshot


Taihao Poker Keycaps

  • Transparent plastic
  • OEM profile
  • Cherry/similar clone switches
  • ABS Doubleshot


Dragon Shine-through Keycap 

ABS Laser-etched Dragon keycap for Enter key. TBH, I thought this one IS normal when you compare with the Philo♂sophy keycaps.


3D Printing DIY Dragon Keycap

Do you remember we have a similar item in our store which we just upload a few days ago? (Skull Solder

The 3D printing Dragon keycap is same as Skull solder, which requires you colour it yourself.  

Then you have your own Dragon keycap indeed.


If you have any ideas or comments, please no hesitate to leave it below or contact us via Reddit, Facebook, Geekhack or Instagram.

Thank you for sharing items you like on social media.

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