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B.o.B childhood series No.2 - Elmo

B.o.B childhood series No.2 - Elmo

B.o.B used to tell us he was planning to create a series keycap for his childhood. He made it. Started from yellow duckie. 

Here is his No.2 childhood series keycap-Elmo. 

Sesame Street is one of his favourite TV show when he was a child. From the quality and details of Elmo, you can tell he has a great respect for the character and the show. 

He makes Elmo roll his eyes when you click it. He tries his best to make Elmo more alive on the keyboard. 

The Group buy ends on 17th Sep, est time. 

The estimated shipping date is 20th Oct.

Get your Elmo now.

We bring two new keycap sets in stock as well. 

The Red&White keycap set. OEM profile with thick PBT. Go to details.


Taihao Cubic keycap set. OEM profile as well. Compatible with Cherry MX and clone switches. 

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