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Happy to you all!
Living up to everyone's love,  we are happy to have two new Gateron switches and four novelty PBT dye-sub spacebars to you guys!

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Gateron switches are well rated for the quality and experience. There are two you can have a try.

Gateron Aqua Zilent V2 Switch
These switches were designed with the enthusiasts in mind that value aesthetics, tactility, and silence. Two weights are offered: 62g and 67g bottom out. The colour matching possibilities are endless.


  • 62g Aqua Zilent switches feature a lighter-toned aqua blue housing, carefully matched with our signature 62g Zilent V2 stem.
  • 67g Aqua Zilent switches feature a darker toned aqua blue housing, carefully matched with our signature 67g Zilent V2 stem.

Gateron G Pro White Clear Custom Switch


  • Gateron Pro White Custom Switch(35 PCS\pack)
  • Manufactured by Gateron
  • Linear
  • Rated for 60 million keystrokes
  • 38g Operating force
  • 45g Operating force
  • 4.0+0.4mm Total Journey
  • 2.0+0.6mm Action Stroke
  • 1 Step Spring and 2 Step Spring Edition
  • Stem: POM
  • Case: PC
  • Factory Pre-Lubed Edition
  • Pin: 3 pins, PCB mount

Allover dye subbed 6.25u spacebar pbt animation girls

Have you ever thought the girls in animation are always so cute and sweet? And have you ever envied that the hero can have such a girlfriend?
Now you can have one too!

Childish but powerful devil- Milim Nava
Hating love but only caring about you- Suzumaki Haruhi
Confident and lovely girl- Elaina
Cool, delicate, beautiful girl- Takanashi Rikka
Choose the one you like. If one is not enough, you can take them all.


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