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New Arrival in Demcember

New Arrival in Demcember

Eventually, we come to the end of the difficult year.  

The disaster doesn't ruin our life anyways. 

Life goes on.  We are still trying our best to bring more interesting items to the community.

Here you go.

Kemove61 dual mode keyboard under $100.

  • Model :SnowFox/ Shadow

  • Keys Amount :61 Keys

  • Color : White / Black

  • Switch :Gateron Switch (Blue Switch, Brown Switch, Red Switch)

  • Connection :USB Type-C Wired bluetooth 5.1

  • Material :PBT full-closed two-color injection molding

  • Cable: 1.5m USB Cable

  • Size :293 * 103 * 38mm

  • Weight :768g

  • System Support :Windows /Android/Mac

  • Anti-Ghost Key :NKRO

  • Backlit :RGB backlight

  • Battery :3000ma

Holyoops metal keycaps



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