KPrpeublic 618 Shopping week coming soon

KPrpeublic 618 Shopping week coming soon

KPrepublic 618 Shopping Week starts from 15th June to 21st June (beijing time). 

We prepare  the general discounts and specific item discounts as usual. 

At the day of 18th June (your local time zone), we prepare a KP618 Lucky box as long as the order value is over $61.8. 

Visit here to get KP618 discounts and details.

Moreover, we have a special discount for our discord member. Members would have  a $6.18 KP Credit card when their order reaches $61.8 on 18th June. The code will be released in our discord when the shopping week starts. 

Join KPrepublic Discord and get more info and great sales.


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KPrepublic Holiday Notification

KPrepublic starts its holiday for Chinese New Year from 28th January to 7th February (Beijing Time). will stop its shipping on 28th January (Beijing Time). Orders which are placed on 27th Jan (Beijing Time) will be shipped out. will be re-cover its shipment on 7th February.

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