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Interesting Chinese Internet Slang you should know

Interesting Chinese Internet Slang you should know

Always being God - 永远滴神, for zen generation, it is shorted as yyds.It means someone is talented on some specific field so that he looks like a God who is powerful and undoubtful. 

Freaking Awsome - 豪横. it can describe someone is awesome and arrogant. It depends on the situation you use it. In friendship, it means awesome; in bad-relationship, it means someone is too arrogant. 

Gan - 淦. How do you express F-word if you cannot type it when you text on the public screen? Fxxx ? or what?  In Chinese, you could use other Characters. Like this, its pronounce sounds like a f-word in one of Chinese dialect.  However, its own meaning isn't offensive or a swear word. It means water flows in the boat. 

No nesting dolls - 禁止套娃. it gets popular from Chinese ACG community.  It means someone says or does things like a nesting dolls. 

Aoligei - 奥利给. It means Fighting, come on, don't give up. It is completely from Internet expression. Now, it is used in Chinese daily life.

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