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HifiFox x Domikey Great Artist Lotus Keycaps groupbuy ongoing

HifiFox x Domikey Great Artist Lotus Keycaps groupbuy ongoing

If you like iNKY style, you won't want to miss the Great Artis Lotus keycaps. Because HifiFox is the one who designs iNKY keycaps.

The Lotus theme is inspired by one of Li Qingzhao's poem As though Dream: A memory of Xi Ting Evening (如梦令:常记溪亭日暮).

The poem records a memory that Li was lost way back home into a Lotus lake with her friends in a summer evening at her teenage. 

Therefore, the basic colour of the keycaps is Lotus pink. It is not only because Li's rowing boat reaches the lotus lake, but also because lotus pink is widely used for depicting Chinese girls. 

The alpha is micro-clear keycap. When installing on keyboard, your fingers reach in a lotus lake by mistake and bothers heron's rest like what Li and her friends have done.  

In novel kit, HifiFox designs three kinds of lotus, from sprouting to blossoming.

The whole set is trying to illustrate and show the interest and amusement of Chinese girl which HifiFox gets from Li's poem.  From the keycap samples, we believe The Great Artist Lotus makes it.

HifiFox x Lachlan Machina Artisan groupbuy closes soon. Try not to miss. The artisan is associated with HifiFox's Retro Steam Age kecyaps, and is completely copper keycap.


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