EVA Returned!

EVA Returned!

Thanks to Netflix, Neon Genesis Evangelion (aka EVA in China) has returned. 
It is quite different anime in 90s. At that time, I was a 6-grade child. Only can I imagine I was a pilot of EVA, but cannot get the key messages that Anno wants to deliver. Sometimes, I get confused even though I watch episode by episode. 
Until I goine the University, I seems to understand what Neon Genesis Evangelion expresses. It do not ever create for children. Like the article's said that EVA 'is the perfect storey for this moment in history'.
As a fan of EVA, George makes and brings many EVA related items to the Mech world.
Sketch EVA them Mousepad
Shinji's EVA mousepad
3D EVA keycap. You can paint it by yourself and create your own EVA.
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