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BoB Spades Series Keycap Group Buy Starts!

BoB Spades Series Keycap Group Buy Starts!

A long time ago, 

there is a bunch of Sylvans living in the deep of the forest.

They are tall and slim.

They are creative, practical and logical.

Perhaps, they are so practical and logical

that no one can read their poker face under their big hoods.

Because of the spades on their long gowns, people call them

the Sylvan of Spades

BoB spades


Material: Resin
Spec: 1u
Compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones
Expiration Date: 5th April 2018
Estimated Ship Date: May 2018
Shipping method: Free Shipping to 197 countries or regions
We will use ePacket or China Post Registered Air Mail as our express method. It will take 14-20 days from CHN to your countries in general. The proper arrival date is up to customs clearance speed of your country.


Bob Spades

BoB Spades

BoB Spades


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