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Bluetooth or 2.4ghz keyboard?

Bluetooth or 2.4ghz keyboard?

The wireless keyboard is a good choice for the office. It is portable and more convenient. After all, typing is the main feature we use for daily work at the office. 
Some people will ask what should I choose a Bluetooth or a 2.4Ghz keyboard? 
In fact, it isn't hard to make the choice.
They are both wireless connection without a doubt. And from all reviews you are able to find on google or forums, Bluetooth is more reliable on connectivity than 2.4 Ghz, and easier to connect than 2.4 Ghz.  In a word, Bluetooth is the best choice for wireless. 
However, on price section, 2.4Ghz is cheaper than the Bluetooth.  
Also, it is a bit of old-school to use 2.4Ghz keyboard in some senses. If you use PC frequently, 2.4Ghz is a not-bad choice. it is cheaper. If you use laptop frequently, Bluetooth is the best choice.It is more portable and easy to use after all.
KC84 2.4Ghz mechanical keyboard 
KC84 Bluetooth  mechanical keyboard
KC87 Bluetooth Mechanical keyboard 
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