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Are you ready for 2019 KPrepublic Shopping Week?

Are you ready for 2019 KPrepublic Shopping Week?

Welcome to the 2019 KPrepublic Shopping Week. 
See what we prepare for you this year:
Bulk purchase discount
  • buy $50 get $5 off
  • buy $100 get $10 off
  • buy $200 get $15 off
Special items discount.
We prepare 6 special items for sale this year. The Egyptian 9009 keyset joins in the shopping week first time. 
See all special items
How to use discount code?
For those who join in the KPrepublic Shopping Week first time.
To copy the discount code you want to use, and input the code when you check out.
One order for one discount code and the code will be expired when used.
Hope you enjoy and get items you like at the best price from 29 November to 7 December😁
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