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2 Groupbuys and some new Keycaps

2 Groupbuys and some new Keycaps

Wake me up when September ends... 
Perhaps, watching The Big Band (乐队的夏天),  we find out many old albums and immerse ourselves in memories about youth and dreams. 
Summer is gone, Autumn is a fresh start. 
We bring 2 Groupbuys and some new keycaps for you.
Lil-Moemon Novelty
Inspired by World of Warcraft. Lil-Moemon creates Illidan Betrayer keycap. WoW is a great game for generations in China. To Lil-Moemon, it is not just a novelty, but a memory of their childhood. 
Illidan Betrayer, Release him Now.
Dragonbones brings Lil-Moemon a good start in the community with any doubts. Therefore, they carry on flourishing this series. In Autumn, they bring Dragon Egg into the crowd. It stands for a new stage for them. 
From the baby dragon to the cracks of Egg, Lil-Moemon makes the keycap alive. 
Get your baby Dragon now!
The 2 Groupbuys will end on the 7th of October. The ETA delivery is in November. 
Chinese National Day Keycaps
It is the 70th Anniversary of the People Republic of China. Every 10-year is a big year in Chinese tradition.  
Then, we bring 2 spacebars (6.25u) with Chinese slogan printed to the community. 
Chinese Internet Slang Series
安排上了 (an pai shang le) has different meanings in difference chat situation. It can be translated as arrange, fix it, cook, backroom deal, etc. 
我太难了(wo tai nan le) is a Chinese Internet slang which is spoken when a person is in a bad situation, or has a hard time. It can be translated as I'm too tired, it is very difficult, road hard and put away wet.
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