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[KPICPRE] HIfiFox x Domikey Retro NO REDRAW R2 keycaps cherry profile Uniform PBT Dye sublimation CAD

HifiFox X Domikey Retro NO Redraw II

HifiFox brings Round 2 Retro No Redraw theme back to the community.  In Round 2, HifiFox keeps the basic design of Retro No Redraw theme, but offers tow styles - Cherry profile set and Uniform profile set.


In Cherry profile, HifiFox uses new colour scheme - White and green (that is the green colour used on ESC of Retro No Redraw). 

Uniform profile is the new profile that Domikey intends to make.  The height is similar to Cherry profile ESC height. For this set, HifiFox keeps the original colour scheme of Retro No Redraw. Meanwhile, HifiFox redesigns the font so that it can make the whole set look more comfortable and beautiful. 

Keycaps is produced by Domikey with about 1.59mm thick PBT and dye sublimation technique.  

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