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[KPICPRE] HIfiFox x Domikey Dreyer Rose Keycaps

HifiFox x Domikey Dreyer Rose Keycaps

HifiFox's new design. Dreyer Rose. Hope you like the colour theme!

The theme is about spring. What kind of colour would it make your recall a memory of Spring?  HifiFox choose the light yellow.

Therefore, HifiFox designs the new theme by inspiration of Dreyer Rose (one of yellow rose cultivars).  

As we know, yellow rose stands for friendship, happiness and cheerfulness, caring and support.  The whole colour theme that HifiFox designs is to deliver such feeling. 

The whole set gives us a soft but strong feeling.  Spring brings beings alive and wake up the nature from winter. Dreyer Rose theme delivers such feeling as well.

In this new theme, HifiFox is bold to use a self-mixing colour which isn't included in any colour charts like Pantone. Join KPrepublic Discord server and follow the status and see the final sample of Dreyer Rose.

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