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[REVIEW] AKKO ASA Profile Keycaps

[REVIEW] AKKO ASA Profile Keycaps

We are happy to introduce a new profile - ASA profile by AKKO  to the community.

AKKO ASA Keycaps available colour themes on KPrepublic

  • Keycaps profile: ASA profile
  • Number of keycaps: 108 full set+49 extra keycaps
  • Material: double-shot PBT
  • Compatibility: 60%/65%/75%/80% or full size, any layout in general (Some Key are not included for HHKB layout)

Thanks Machkeys do a good review for the keycaps. Hope you can get what you want from his review. 

He reviews the keycaps from profile comparison to keycap thickness and quality. Also, he does a simple sound test at the end of the video. 

Go and watch it if you want to know what the real AKKO ASA keycaps looks and sounds like. 

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