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[KPTRYOUT] Domikey Cherry profile keycaps TRYOUT Ongoing

[KPTRYOUT] Domikey Cherry profile keycaps TRYOUT Ongoing

Domikey is well-known for its high-quality keycaps. Its SA Profile set gains its good reputation in the community.

Now, Domikey brings Cherry profile keycaps to the community. In Cherry profile keyset, Domikey uses tripleshot techque in Japanese base kit.


KPrepublic has two sets in stock now, which is Classic Dolch and WOB keyset.

  • Domikey
  • Cherry profile (sculpted 1-1-2-3-4-4)
  • Compatible with Cherry MX and clones
  • ABS plastic
  • Doubleshot legends\Tripleshot Jan legends
  • Stripe bottom


Classic Dolch


The good news is Domikey will bring Semiconductor and Single Chipwhich will be released soon on KPrepublic, and what's more exciting is that there're some colour schemes that are already in production, estimated to be released in September or October.

Different from Classic Dolch and WOB, these colour schemes are also very retro, but with some sense of colour.


UPCOMING- Semiconductor and Single Chip

IN PRODUCTION- BOW and Space Crisis



We must admit that Domikey is very considerate, for launching so many colour schemes to choose from at one time.



Thanks to their concern and everyone's love for Domikey, with communication with Domikey, we are happy to choose 3 winners to have 50%-off on Domikey WOB All-in-one set.

Click here for the rules and opportunies.


If you'd like to get more updates about new Domikey Cherry profile colour schemes, please feel free to join our discord to get the notification.

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