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Will the new PBT doubleshot keycaps producer be in the LOOP?

Will the new PBT doubleshot keycaps producer be in the LOOP?

Recently, we gradually uploaded 5 sets of keycaps. 

They came with PBT doubleshot technique and OEM profile, while they are not from the well-known producer, TaiHao. 

At the very beginning, we just have the carbon colour scheme. Honestly, it feels good but not impressing for us. We believe one who loves mechanical keyboards would like a colourful PBT doubleshot keycap. A few days later, we got this Grand Budapest keycaps

That's impressing. Since then, we got another surprise. The chocolate one

They used dip-dye technique and coloured the surface of those keycaps on the original doubleshot keycaps with white-black font. That's a nice try.

We try these keycaps. The shape is good, the feel is gentle. The OEM profile is kind of my type. Here some details with following images.

PBT doubleshot OEM profile

LOOP, a Chinese keycap producer, has a good start on PBT doubleshot. 

We believe you will love them. And which colour do you like? Carbon, Original white, Grand Budapest or Chocolate? Pick one and leave your comments. 

PBT doubleshot dipdye keycaps
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