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Human Evolution in Retro style by HifiFox

Human Evolution in Retro style by HifiFox

Retro Evolution is a big theme without doubts. HifiFox tries hard to express such huge theme on keycaps with her talent. She archives it!

The whole keycaps includes several elements during the evolution of human species. Fire, farming, electronics and Digital. You can find them in novelty kit. Moreover, if you looks the keycap detailly and patiently, you would find the hidden Evolution element, which is hidden and designed by HifiFox. 

On colour.  HifiFox chooses the cooler grey as main colour. The greenish-blue, bright yellow  and blue surround the alpha. The whole set looks bright and chill, not like her Retro Steam Age theme, which is too bold. 

In Retro Evolution, HifiFox does a great job to combine dynamic and still on keycaps.

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