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Halloween on Desk

Halloween on Desk


Halloween is coming!

You must prepare your customs for the day.  

What about your customs for your mech?

We have some you may be interested in:

B.o.B handmade Skeleton King 

The group buy is going to be closed. We will wait for a couple of days to close it because of Halloween. The concept is inspired by Dota2.  

Get your Skeleton King

Dragon Novelty

This a group buy item. The closed date will be postponed for Halloween coming. If you don't want to deco your desk as usual, the Dragon would be your choice. Happy Halloween!

Get your Dragon

Cheeta Shine-through Novelty

To have a Cheetah on your mech? It is a not-bad idea for Halloween, isn't it?

When you use a orange or other warm colour LED under the cap, emm, that's the colour of Halloween.

Get your Cheetah

Reactor Novelty 

Perhaps you just want to be very peace at Halloween. How about having a Reactor keycap for your mech?

Get your Reactor

Skull Soldier

Skull Soldier perhaps is the one you want for your Halloween. It allows you to colour it by yourself. So what colour do you want for your Halloween?

Get your Skull Soldier

Leave your comments and share with us your idea on your mech's custom at Halloween. 

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