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Gamer Aesthetic - MOYAN 96 Mechanical Keyboard

Gamer Aesthetic - MOYAN 96 Mechanical Keyboard

There are nineteen flames in the world, which are known as the Heavenly Flame. They are the Essences of the flame in the world. They live in the deepest heart of the earth. Each of the Heavenly Flame has different and strong power and energy. If you could completely absorb one of them, you will get stronger than ever. That's why people die for it without any fears. 

Inspired by the Saga, featuring the rock and lava elements, MOYAN 96 shows its strong and powerful to the crowd. 

Five-axis CNC aluminum enhances the strength of the case. The carbon fiber makes the complete keyboard not too heavy (though it is around 5 kilograms still). 

Up to 136 RGB beads and colored acrylic provides uniform crack lighting.

With colored acrylic using mirror surface processing, it delivers the concept of the Heavenly flame - Never die out - full of energy all the time. With Magnetic data interface and customized cable, the keyboard has a longer life than the normal keyboards. 

Moyan 96% Custom Keyboard Kit
Expiration Date: 31st Jul 2018 (EST time)
Estimated Ship Date: Nov 2018
Real Keyboard Weight: About 5kg
Shipping Method: Free shipping with FedEx, DHL or SF-express
Custom Duties: Depends on your country's custom policy




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