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Dragonball Novelty groupbuy starts now

Dragonball Novelty groupbuy starts now

Cool Kit Novelty Dragon Ball Clan and School names Kanji resin keycap

Dragon Ball Super Heroes is a kind of party or collection for all characters in the Dragon Ball anime series. 

The classic story is the little Goku. Those characters have a great impression among fans.

As a big fan, Cool Kit creates another Dragon Ball theme novelty. This time, he creates the keycap according to the classical school and clan names. Yes, that's Dragon Ball, isn't it? 

Come and get your favourite clan or school now!


  • resin

  • MX stem

  • SA profile 

  • Row 3 height

Groupbuy closed on the 14th of July

Estimated delivery in October


ZOMO PLUS 3D pritend Cat paw - ICE Cyan and  sakura pink

ZOMO PLUS 3D printed CAT PAW - Xmas green and red 


  • Materials: imported 3D printing resin and silicon

  • Combination: Bonding

  • Molding: 3D printing

  • colouring: UV coating

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