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[CUSTOMER Review] Kailh Fried Egg V2 Switch Review

[CUSTOMER Review] Kailh Fried Egg V2 Switch Review

Review by u/QeaKeys

I was super eager to try out a silent switch for the first time as I've been super skeptical about the mushiness and doubt I could actually enjoy some. However, these switches are pretty neat and as someone who uses open back headphones, I appreciate not having to hear the clack or thock coming from non-silent switches.

Coming straight from the info graphs on the posting for the Fried Egg V2's, they're a silent linear RGB switch with an operating force of 42gf and bottom out of 60gf, 1.8mm of pretravel and 3.6mm of total travel. They also use a short 12.8mm spring. Material wise, they're pretty much a box cream with cotton dampeners so a pom stem.

As for my first impressions, upon opening the package, I was greeted with a nice thank you card and sticker with KPRepublic branding. The switch pins were mostly straight and I had no issue of throwing them in my hotswap Portico. As an RGB switch, they let a good amount of RGB shine through and that's something I've taken for granted as I've never been much of an RGB guy since entering the hobby. As my first silent switch, these are already starting to grow of me despite being slightly more scratchy that I tend to like. I have been spoiled by JWK smoothness but with how quiet these are, I can look past that. My intentions with these switches are to get used to using a mushy linear and perhaps lube them with some 205g0 later on while trying cherry profile. They're a pretty switch that I could see ending up in one of my boards shipping later. Preferably a 40% or 60% split.

In conclusion, these are a pleasant silent linear to use if you're a fan of Novel Key's Cream switches and low actuation. They would highly benefit from some 205g0 or 3204. Personally, I would not get these at they're price of $49.00 usd for 70, $61.20 for 90 and $71.50 for 110. Then again, I'm not one to use silent switches in a daily board as I don't have a need for silent switches. To me, they're leaning towards the more expensive end of switches and you might be better off saving a bit more for Gazzew's Bobagum switches.

Also, it's worthy to note that if you're using SA caps, the spacebar will actuate super easily. I've somewhat solved this by flipping the spacebar.

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