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A cold theme, A warm theme - iNKY Studio Silent Desert Keycap Sample

A cold theme, A warm theme - iNKY Studio Silent Desert Keycap Sample

Desert, a place where we have lots of fantasies, a place where a lot of ancient stories are buried, a place where a lot of bones and bodies are buried. 

 We love desert, we hate desert, we live in the desert. 

Until now, we cannot believe the earth already turned to be Arrakis.

Is it Dune a book? Well, Dune is The Prophecy now! We get life skills from it to live in the desert. 

We are told there is a Fox, who is the final hope of earth, when we were child. How does a Fox save man from the desert?  Until we find a piece of a stone with a fox figure, we don't believe a Fox is our final hope.

We don't know where we could find it. We find nothing but bones and bodies, and pieces of stones with FOX figures. 

One day, a person says he saw a white fox at night. He chased. The Fox moves so fast like a ghost. When he thought he can catch it, the Fox is disappeared.  All of us believes he is mad. 

Months later, we find more and more Fox stones. More and more people says same words that 'I saw a Fox'.  It seems we are close to the legend. However, we still cannot find anything that Foxes live around but silent desert and wind's crying. 

Silent Desert is the third set of iNKY Studio's Silent ECO series. Like Silent forest and Silent Sea, iNKY Studio intends to advocate man stops to simplify the nature's various landscapes. 

They already donated their profits from Silent Forest and Silent Sea to environment charity. 

It is a cold theme, it is warm design.

The Silent Desert  is nearly finish its IC. Join KPrepublic Discord to follow the GB status.


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