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ZERO-G hand-crafted Artisan Cub Cyclops and baby Cyclops Raffle

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ZERO-G Novelty Raffle

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We are happy to work with ZERO-G Studio and bring ZERO-G Hand-crafted artisan to the community. Expertly crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these elegant and sophisticated designs will add an exclusive touch to your collection. 


After talking with ZERO-G, we decide to undertake the hand-crafted artisan as a Raffle buying.

  • First, you need to fill in the Raffle form with your KP account email during the Raffle starts. 
  • Second, we will choose randomly from the waiting list. The winner will have the buying permission to get the hand-crafted novelty. 
  • Third, if the winner misses the buying permission timeframe (normally, the payment window will open 24hrs), the winner won't get the permission anymore.


ZERO-G Hand-crafted Artisan - Cub, Cyclops and Baby Cyclops

Who is Cub? 

Cub is a little panther who is from ZERO-G's The King theme. ZERO-G takes care of Cub and introduces him to more friends.

This time, ZERO-G brings Cub to meeting Cyclops. This time, ONLY Red colour available. 

For Baby Cyclops, ZERO-G is hand-polished its surface to making the artisan brighter and smoother on surface. Because Baby Cyclops is protected by Big Cyclops. 


  • Resin
  • Hand-painted


RAFFLE Starts from 28th to 1st June (PST).

We will choose 15 persons for each Cub, Cyclops and Baby Cyclops on 1st June (PST).

Estimate Delivery in August


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