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Gateron PuNkShoO Cream Soda Switch Linear 63g Milky Top Ink Switch Bottom mx stem switch for mechanical keyboard 60m Factory Lubed

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Gateron switch
KP hand-lubed service

Check KP hand-lubed service if you want to lubricate the switch.

Gateron x PuNkShoO Cream Soda Linear Switch


  • Linear Switch 
  • Designed by PuNkShoO
  • PC upper housing
  • INK Lower switch case
  • POM stem
  • Gold plated spring
  • Initial force 47+/-5gf
  • Bottom force 63+/-5gf
  • Pre-travel 2.0+/-0.4mm
  • Total travel 3.6+/-0.4mm
  • 60 million clicks

Cream Soda Showcase by PunKShoO


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