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[KPICPRE] Domikey Retro Steam Age PBT dye sub Cherry profile keyecaps

Domikey Retro Steam Age PBT DYE SUB keycaps

Domikey's Retro series colour scheme - Retro: Steam Age. Designed by HIFIFOX, who is designed Retro No ReDraw (CAD) theme.


  • Cherry profile 
  • PBT dye sublimation


Different with Retro: No ReDraw's light and fresh colour scheme, Retro: Steam Age is darker and heavy. 

Besides of the colour scheme, HifiFox designs mechanical elements like the gothic-like sub ledgends, cogwheel  and steam engine-like element, etc. 

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Keycaps Preview

The following is the real keycap samples. Since the sample only does the 6u spacebar, we have to leave the 7u spacebar as blank. But the colour is very good matching. 

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