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XD64 New PCB available now!

XD64 New PCB available now!

We are excited to have XD64 new PCB in stock.
Here is the new PCB specs:
  1. up to 64 keys
  2. Compatible with KLE custom key
  3. Support MX/ALPS Stems
  4. Type-C port
  5. Support 3u Split Spacebar
  6. Supports TKG-TOOLS offline flashing and TKG online flashing
  7. Standard ICSP interface
  8. Compatible with 99% of GH60 shells
  9. REVB and REVQE compatible expansion port
  10. Underglow RGB PCB (supports LED installations for further customization) 
The below image indicates the layout new XD64 supports
You can see from the above image, the new XD64 starts to support split spacebars. Then we bring a new XD64 plate into the crowd as well.
Carbon Plate for XD64
Get your new XD64 now!
Carbon plate for XD64
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