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The New Armour for the 60% Keyboard

The New Armour for the 60% Keyboard

60% keyboard is our best friend, saving the space of the desk, accompanying us to everywhere day by day, year by year.

Now, it is time to upgrade its armour. 

Kylin by KPrepublic builds a new armour for 60%s with anodized aluminium.

The stunning metallic surface, the stronger hardness that protects PCBs better.

Kylin gives the armour a little bit slope (around 5 degrees upward) with layers, making the slope more lively and enhancing the depth of the case. 

Meanwhile, the built-in diffuser makes the armour more glamouring when you turn on LEDs.

Group buy is active now! 

A click, and fully upgrade. 

KPrepublic order link.

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