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KPRepublic 2020 BFCM Shopping Week start!

KPRepublic 2020 BFCM Shopping Week start!

KPrepublic BFCM Shopping Week is from 27th Nov to 3rd Dec (Beijing Time). 
The general discounts are as same as Double11 Shopping day. 
For this BFCM, KPrepublic and Domikey prepare a group buy for
the new keyset - Cell theme. 
During the BFCM shopping week, you will have discounts on the group buy price.

As thanking for the community, Domikey collaborates with DancingCode team making a new colour scheme keyset in SA profile- Cell Theme.
Moreover, they also make a Cell theme mousepad to make the Cell theme complete.

Join the groupbuy now!


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