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[KPEVENT] Share your review of Silent Sea and get iNKY Keycaps discount

[KPEVENT] Share your review of Silent Sea and get iNKY Keycaps discount

iNKY Studio's  Silent ECO theme goes to the 3rd theme soon.  

Before the 3rd theme - Silent Desert goes alive, iNKY Studio is happy to start a Review-Poll event.

EVENT TIMEFRAME (based on PST time)

Content-Poll Application - Until 15th July,  the Application  window will be closed.  It means you cannot add your review to the Poll base and enter the final Poll phrase, if you miss the deadline.

Final Poll - 16th - 20th July.  KPrepublic will make a poll post on KPrepublic Reddit for the content-poll application.  On 5th July, the top 3 of the Poll will win the prize.


After you receive your Silent Sea or Silent Forest, please share your review by filling in the follow Application form to enter the Final Poll Base so that the community can pick your content at the Final Poll phrase.

 Silent Sea and Silent forest Review Content Application 

Content Requirements

  • If you prefer text+image content,  your article must include 3 photos and 300 words.  We recommend you post on r/mechanicalkeyboards .
  • If you prefer video content, please post on Youtube or Tiktok.


KPrepublic will make a poll post so that the community can pick the contents they like from the content application.


The top 3 of the Poll will win the prize from iNKY Studio.

  • The 1st place winner will win a free base set of iNKY keycaps (choose the theme you like)
  • The 2nd and 3rd place winners will win a 50%-off on  all kits of iNKY Keycaps.


  1. The prize is a coupon. The winner can use the coupon on

ABOUT Silent Desert

It is the 3rd theme of Silent ECOs theme by iNKY Studio. 

In Silent Desert theme, iNKY Studio uses Brown like colour to show the characteristics of desert. Meanwhile, they add a light-through window in the extra MOD keys, which seems like the few camps who are struggled to live in the desert. 

Join KPrepublic Discord to follow the keycaps progress and get pre-discount when GB starts! 

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